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ITIL Glossary
ITIL Glossary:

All terms related to ITIL (ITIL 4, ITIL 2011, ITIL V3 & V2) and ITSM (IT Service Management)
ITIL Glossary Terms

The ITIL glossary provides you with definitions for the most important glossary terms and acronyms on the IT Infrastructure Library ITIL® (ITIL 4, ITIL 2011, ITIL V3 & V2) and ITSM (IT Service Management) in alphabetical order.[1]

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ITIL Terms starting with R

For quick access, all ITIL terms and definitions starting with "R" are listed below.

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Recovery Plan


  • A Release (also referred to as a “Release Package”) consists of a single Release Unit or a structured set of Release Units.

Release and Deployment Management

Release Build

Release Component

Release Deployment

Release Management

Release Manager

Release Package

Release Plan

  • A Document that embraces all Releases in line for rollout and their planned implementation dates.
  • A Release is defined as a collection of hardware, software, documentation, processes or other components required to implement one or more approved Changes to IT Services. The contents of each Release are managed and tested as a unit, and deployed as a single entity.
  • Checklist Release Plan
  • → ITIL processes, Release Management - ITIL V2

Release Planning

Release Policy

Release Record

Release Unit

  • A Release Unit is a set of new, changed and/or unchanged Configuration Items, which are tested and introduced into the live environment together to implement one or several approved Changes.

Request Categorization

Request for Access Rights

  • A request to grant, change or revoke the right to use a particular service or access certain assets.

Request for Change (RFC)

Request for Service

  • A formal request from a user for something to be provided – for example, a request for information or advice; to reset a password; or to install a workstation for a new user.
  • The details of a Request for Service are recorded by Request Fulfilment in a Service Request Record.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Operation > Request Fulfilment

Request Fulfilment

Required Modifications to Service Catalogue

Required Modifications to UCs


RFC Assessment Guideline

RFC Template

  • A template to be used when formally requesting a Change. An RFC includes details of the proposed Change, and may be recorded on paper or electronically.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Change Management

Risk Analysis

Risk Management

Risk Management Policy

  • The Risk Management Policy describes and communicates the organization’s approach to managing risk.
  • Most importantly, it defines how risk is quantified and who is in charge of specific risk management duties.
  • The Risk Management Policy is maintained by the Risk Manager role, but to be effective it needs the backing of senior management.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Design > Risk Management

Risk Manager

Risk Monitoring

Risk Register

  • The Risk Register is a tool used by the Risk Management process to keep an overview of identified risks and corresponding counter measures.
  • The Risk Register is sometimes referred to as the Risk Log.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Design > Risk Management



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[1] ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom and other countries. — IT Infrastructure Library® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom and other countries.
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