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ITIL Glossary
ITIL Glossary:
All terms related to ITIL (ITIL 4, ITIL 2011, ITIL V3 & V2) and ITSM (IT Service Management)
ITIL Glossary Terms

This ITIL glossary includes definitions for key terms and acronyms of ITIL and ITSM (IT service management) in alphabetical order.[1]

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ITIL Terms beginning with C

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CAB Agenda Template

Capacity Forecast

Capacity Management

Capacity Management Information System

Capacity Manager

Capacity Plan

Capacity Report


  • The addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT services.
  • The scope should include changes to all architectures, processes, tools, metrics and documentation, as well as changes to IT services and other configuration items.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Change Management

Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Change Build phase

Change Classification

Change Deployment phase

Change Evaluation

Change Evaluation Report

  • Certain types of major Changes, like the introduction of a new service or a substantial change to an existing service, require formal Change evaluations before being authorized.
  • The results of a formal Change evaluation are documented in a Change Evaluation Report.
  • Change evaluations may be used at different points in a Change’s lifecycle, for example before authorizing the Change/ Release build or during the Post Implementation Review.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > ITIL Change Evaluation

Change Management

Change Management Policy

  • The decision to authorize or reject a proposed Change is based on the completed Change Assessment.
  • In particular, the assessment is about properly understanding the risks associated with the implementation of a Change.
  • In this context, the Change Management Policy specifies the levels of authorization required to authorize different types of Changes and other rules for assessing Changes.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Change Management

Change Manager

Change Model

  • Change Models describe procedures for the handling of recurring Changes.
  • While Change Models can be created for Changes of any scale, they are often used to define Standard Changes (low-risk, pre-authorized Changes like installing additional hardware on a client PC).
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Change Management

Change Owner

  • The person backing a Change and holding a budget for its implementation.
  • In most cases the Change Owner is identical with the RFC initiator.
  • Typically Changes are owned by Service Management roles (e.g. the Problem or Capacity Manager) or members of IT management.

Change Proposal

  • A Change Proposal describes a proposed major Change, like the introduction of a new service or a substantial change to an existing service.
  • The purpose of Change Proposals is to communicate a proposed major Change and assess its risk, impact and feasibility before design activities begin.
  • Change Proposals are typically created in Service Portfolio Management.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Strategy > Service Portfolio Management

Change Record

Change Request to CMS Structure

Change Request to Enterprise Architecture

Change Request to Process Architecture

Change Schedule

CI (Configuration Item)

CI Status Monitoring Report

Client (Contract Partner)


CMDB Audit Protocol


  • The Configuration Management System (CMS) is a set of tools and data that is used for collecting, storing, managing, updating, analyzing and presenting data about all configuration items and their relationships.
  • A CMS may manage more than one physical Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs).
  • Its underlying structure is defined by the Configuration Model, a logical model of the IT organization’s service assets.
  • ITIL Checklist CMS - CMDB
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Service Asset and Configuration Management

CMS Change Policy

Complaint Status Information

Complaints and Compliments

Complaints Log

Compliance Management

Compliance Manager

Compliance Register

Compliance Review

  • The Compliance Review documents the results of regular process and system compliance assessments.
  • In particular, it contains any identified deviations from compliance requirements, as well as measures to correct the situation.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Design > Compliance Management

Component Capacity Management

Config Management Database (CMDB)

  • A Database used to manage Configuration Records throughout their Lifecycle.
  • The CMDB records the attributes of each CI, and relationships with other CIs.
  • A CMDB may also contain other information refering to CIs, for example Incident, Problem and Change Records.
  • The CMDB is maintained by Configuration Management and is used by all IT Service Management Processes.
  • ITIL Checklist CMS - CMDB
  • → ITIL processes, Configuration Management - ITIL V2

Configuration Audit

Configuration Audit Report

Configuration Control

Configuration Identification

Configuration Management

Configuration Manager

Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

Cost Data for Service Provisioning


CSI Initiative

CSI Monitoring

CSI Register


Customer Agreement Portfolio

  • While the Service Catalogue holds a complete list of the services managed by the service provider, the Customer Agreement Portfolio contains all Service Agreements which provide the framework for delivering services to specific customers.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Design > Service Level Management

Customer Complaint

Customer Portfolio

  • The Customer Portfolio is used to record all customers of the IT service provider.
  • The Customer Portfolio is the Business Relationship Manager's view of the customers who receive services from the IT service provider.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Strategy > Business Relationship Management

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Survey Evaluation

Customer Survey Questionnaire

Customer Survey Response




[1] ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. — IT Infrastructure Library® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited.

[2] Source (partially): ITIL glossary and abbreviations © AXELOS Limited. All glosseries and terms for the AXELOS Global Best Practice Portfolio, including glosseries for ITIL v3 and ITIL 4 in various languages, are available for download on the AXELOS web site.

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