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What does it take to bring ITIL to life? Ultimately, organizations need to translate the text-based, often academical content of the ITIL books into specific processes. This is a demanding task and many organizations wonder how to begin.

In this situation, ITIL templates (see fig. 1 'ITIL Process Templates') provide a convenient and fast way to get started, because adapting existing content is usually much easier and quicker than starting with a blank page.


ITIL Process Templates


ITIL reference process templates

ITIL reference models contain professionally designed process templates for all ITIL processes. They support service providers in all steps of a typical ITIL initiative:

  1. The graphical and navigable representation helps organizations to understand the ITIL processes and their complex interrelationships.
  2. The process templates and the complementary ITIL project manual describe a time-tested approach to adopting the ITIL guidelines.
  3. The ITIL templates and ITIL checklists support process design and documentation: Organizations save lots of time and effort as they use and adapt existing content.

Example of an ITIL reference process model

The ITIL Process Map is a complete ITIL reference process model that has passed an official review by AXELOS, the owners of the ITIL® framework. It contains a complete set of process diagrams on four levels of detail that describe information flows, activities and responsibilities in the ITIL processes.

In addition, the ITIL Process Map includes an ITIL RACI matrix, a collection of ITIL KPIs, an ITIL glossary, and an ITIL implementation guide.

The ITIL Process Map is designed for use in all ITIL and service management initiatives; it is available for several popular applications and process management platforms such as Microsoft Visio® or ARIS™:


Video: Introduction - ITIL Process Templates

Watch these videos with Stefan Kempter introducing the ITIL Process Map:


Video: ITIL 4 process model. In this short video Stefan Kempter explains how we can provide reference processes and process templates for ITIL 4.

Organizations and service providers will surely need to define their processes also in the new world of ITIL 4.

In this short video we explain how we can provide reference processes and process templates for ITIL 4:

ITIL process templates on LinkedIn

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By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.


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