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ITIL Glossary
ITIL Glossary:

All terms related to ITIL (ITIL 4, ITIL 2011, ITIL V3 & V2) and ITSM (IT Service Management)
ITIL Glossary Terms

This ITIL glossary includes definitions for key terms and acronyms of ITIL and ITSM (IT service management) in alphabetical order.[1]

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ITIL Terms beginning with D

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Data for Project Plan Update

Definition of Improvement Initiatives

Definitive Media Library (DML)

  • The Definitive Media Library (DML) is the secure logical library in which the definitive authorized versions of all media CIs are stored and protected.
  • The DML typically consists of one or more software file-storage areas, as well as physical stores holding, for example, master copies on CD/DVD.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Service Asset and Configuration Management

Definitive Software Library (DSL)

  • One or more locations in which the definitive and approved versions of all software Configuration Items are securely stored.
  • The DSL may also contain associated CIs such as licenses and documentation.
  • The DSL is a single logical storage area even if there are multiple locations.
  • All software in the DSL is under the control of Change and Release Management and is recorded in the CMDB.
  • Only software from the DSL is acceptable for use in a Release.
  • Definitive Media Library (DML) - ITIL V3
  • → ITIL processes, Configuration Management - ITIL V2

Demand Management

Demand Manager

  • → Roles within ITIL, Demand Manager
  • The role Demand Manager has been introduced in ITIL 2011 to perform the activities in the Demand Management process.
  • The Demand Manager is responsible for understanding, anticipating and influencing customer demand for services.
  • The Demand Manager works with capacity management to ensure that the service provider has sufficient capacity to meet the required demand.

Design Coordination

Desired Service Outcomes

  • The desired outcomes of a service, stated in the language of the customer.
  • Based on this information, more detailed documents are created to specify the requirements in the service provider's language.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Strategy > Business Relationship Management

Development/ Installation QA Documentation

  • A documentation of tests and quality assurance measures applied during the development or installation of applications, systems and other infrastructure components (e.g. component tests, code walk-throughs, ...).
  • A complete Development/ Installation QA Documentation testifies that the required QA measures were applied prior to handing a Release component over to Release Management.
  • → ITIL processes, ITIL Service Transition > Service Validation and Testing

Development Work Order

Disaster Practice

Disaster Recovery Invocation Guideline


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