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ITIL V2 Configuration Management

ITIL Version: ITIL V2 see also Service Asset and Configuration Management - ITIL V3

Process-Objective: The information about Infrastructure and Services necessary for the IT Service Management is made available by Configuration Management. Changes are documented and the updated status of the information is regularly checked. With this, updated and historical information as to the Configuration Items (CIs) are continuously available within the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Part of: Service Support

Process Owner: Configuration Manager



Overview of Configuration Management

Define and Update CMDB Structure

  • Process objective: The structure of the CMDB is to be defined and updated in such a way, that it can hold the necessary information related to CIs, including their attributes and relationships.

Identify and Document CI Status

  • Process objective: Carrying out of updates in the CMDB as a reaction to changes to the IT infrastructure, so that these are constantly an exact mapping of the actual CIs installed.

Carry out CMDB Audits

  • Process objective: Regular checking of contents of the CMDB, so that these constantly represent an exact mapping of the CIs actually installed.

Supply Information Regarding CIs

  • Process objective: Make available information regarding CIs as required by the other IT Service Management Processes.

Involved Roles

  • 1st Level Support
  • Application Manager
  • Configuration Manager: The Configuration Manager prepares and makes available the necessary information about the IT Infrastructure and Services, for Service Management. To this end he maintains a logical model, containing the components of the IT Infrastructure (CIs) and their associations. Changes are documented, and the updated state of the information is regularly checked. As far as possible, he automates the update-process of the CMDB.
  • ITC Infrastructure Manager

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