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Checklist Service Improvement Plan SIP - CSI Register

Definition: The CSI Register is a formal plan to implement improvements to services and IT processes. In previous ITIL versions, the CSI Register was referred to as the Service Improvement Plan (SIP).

ITIL Process: ITIL CSI - Continual Service Improvement - Definition of Improvement Initiatives

ITIL 4 Practice: Continual improvement

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The CSI Register is used to record and manage improvement opportunities throughout their lifecycle. The addition of new entries to the CSI Register is typically triggered by Continual Service Improvement.

Generally speaking, improvement initiatives are either

  • Internal initiatives pursued by the service provider on his own behalf, for example to improve processes or make better use of resources
  • Initiatives which require the customer’s cooperation, for example if some of the agreed service levels are found to be no longer adequate

CSI Register/ Service Improvement Plan (SIP) - Contents

The following information is typically contained within the CSI Register (Service Improvement Plan - SIP) - for each defined initiative for process or service improvement:


Process or service concerned

Person in charge of the process

(Process Owner) or service (Service Owner)

Initiative owner

(person in charge of the initiative, often Service Management roles like e.g. Service Level Manager, Capacity Manager, Availability Manager, Process Owner, Service Owner)



(Approval from senior management: "Initiative approved by …")


(Description of the initiative)

Source of the measure

(e.g. Service Review, Process Audit)

Business case

  1. Expected outcome of the initiative
  2. Cost estimate
  3. Specific desired result of the initiative, e.g. a specific decrease in cost for providing a service

Implementation schedule

(an overview of the improvement initiatives’ milestones and their status – often a summary of more detailed service improvement plans). For each milestone:

  1. Description of the work package to be completed
  2. Key deliverables
  3. Person in charge
  4. Target date
  5. Current status



Is based on: Checklist 'CSI Register' from the ITIL Process Map

By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.


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