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Service Review
Service Review

Objective: ITIL Service Review aims to review business services and infrastructure services on a regular basis. The objective of this process is to improve service quality where necessary, and to identify more economical ways of providing a service where possible.

Part of: Continual Service Improvement

Process Owner: CSI Manager


Process Description

Service Review ITIL
ITIL Service Review (.pdf)

A key change between ITIL V2 and ITIL V3 has been a new focus on continually improving services and processes. Service Reviews are an essential element of "Continual Service Improvement (CSI)".

The process overview of ITIL Service Review (.JPG) shows the key information flows (see fig. 1).

ITIL 4 describes the service review key activities in the general management practice of "Continual improvement".


No sub-processes are specified for ITIL Service Review.



The following ITIL terms and acronyms (information objects) are used in Service Review to represent process outputs and inputs:

Service Review Report

Suggested Service Improvement

  • Suggestion for improving service quality or economics, handed over from other Service Management processes to the Continual Service Improvement process. Suggestions may originate from anywhere within or outside of the IT organization, and may include suggestions for improving the way a service is provided or for modifying service agreements (SLAs, OLAs and UCs).

Templates | KPIs

Roles | Responsibilities

CSI Manager - Process Owner

  • The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Manager is responsible for managing improvements to IT Service Management processes and IT services. He will continually measure the performance of the service provider and design improvements to processes, services and infrastructure in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.



Responsibility Matrix: ITIL Service Review
ITIL Role / Sub-Process CSI Manager Other roles involved
Service Review
(no sub-processes specified)
A[1]R[2] R[3]


[1] A: Accountable according to the RACI Model: Those who are ultimately accountable for the correct and thorough completion of the ITIL Service Review process.

[2] R: Responsible according to the RACI Model: Those who do the work to achieve a task within Service Review.

[3] Process Owner and Business Relationship Manager; see → Role descriptions


By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.


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