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Checklist Service Review Report

Definition: The Service Review Report is a document containing the results and findings from a Service Review. This report is an important input for the definition of improvement initiatives.

ITIL Process: ITIL CSI - Continual Service Improvement - Service Review

ITIL 4 Practice: Continual improvement

Checklist Category: ITIL Templates


Service Review Report - Contents

The following information is typically recorded within the Service Review Report:



(Name of the IT service under review)

Date and time of the review

Time period

(Time period covered by the review)

Person in charge

  1. Person in charge of the review

Participants of the Service Review Meeting

  1. Business and user representatives
  2. Service provider representatives

Service levels

(Summary presentation of agreed vs. achieved service levels)

Report on exceptional situations

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction regarding service quality on the client-side:

  1. Compliments
  2. Complaints

Room for improvement

Areas which must be addressed by improvement initiatives (resulting in changes to the service and/ or to its underlying processes, or to customer agreements):

  1. From the customer viewpoint: New or changed requirements for the service
    1. Changes in business processes or strategy which lead to new functional requirements
    2. Changes in risk perceptions, priorities and criticalities which lead to changed Service Level Targets
    3. Anticipated changes in service consumption, short term as well as medium and long-term
    4. Required short-term modifications (e.g. due to current/ recent problems)
    5. Changed requirements with respect to service level reporting
  2. From the IT viewpoint
    1. Areas where service quality is to be improved
    2. Conceivable cost-optimizations, e.g. by using new technologies or optimizing processes, or by influencing service demand



Is based on: Checklist 'Service Review Report' from the ITIL Process Map

By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.


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