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ITIL Service Delivery
ITIL Service Delivery

ITIL Version: ITIL V2 see also ITIL V3 2011 Processes

Process Objective: Service Delivery ensures that binding rules for the operative Processes are in existence. It regulates the planning, contractual and financial topics.

Part of: IT Service Management

Sub-Processes of Service Delivery

Overview of Service Delivery, ITIL V2
Service Level Management
Process Objective: Service Level Management has the tasks of maintaining the IT Organization's Service Catalogue and reaching binding agreements for internal and external Service Performances. At the interface with the client, Service Level Agreements are agreed. The Service Level Manager is responsible for the monitoring of the agreed quality parameters and where necessary resorts to counter-measures. The adequate provision of internal IT Services is secured via Operational Level Agreements and Underpinning Contracts (OLAs/ UCs).
Availability Management
Process Objective: Availability Management allows IT Organizations to sustain the availability of the IT infrastructure in order to meet the agreed Service Levels defined in SLAs. It constantly monitors the achieved availability levels and where necessary, undertakes corrective measures.
Capacity Management
Process Objective: Capacity Management supports the optimum and cost effective provision of IT Services by helping IT Organizations match their IT Resources (Software, Hardware, Human Resources) to the business needs. The process involves estimations of future demand, which are the basis for planning future capacity needs, resulting in the Capacity Plan.
IT Service Continuity Management
Process Objective: IT Service Continuity Management defines and plans all measures and processes for unpredicted events of disaster. The regular analysis of vulnerabilities, threats and risks represents a basis for suitable precautions.
Financial Management for IT Services
Process Objective: Financial Management for IT Services ensures the most economical usage of IT Financial resources and charges clients for the provision of IT Services. During this, a balanced relationship between quality and costs must be achieved whilst taking into account the client's requirements. The carrying out of the regular budget planning and the clearance of approved financial means is also one of Financial Management's tasks.

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