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Stefan Kempter, Founder of IT Process Maps, Owner Manager


Stefan Kempter: ITIL, YaSM and ISO 20000.
Stefan Kempter, IT Process Maps: @LinkedIn

Stefan's work is centered on service management (enterprise service management / ESM, IT service management / ITSM, ISO 20000), with a special interest in YaSM® and ITIL®. He is the creator of the YaSM® service management model, and author of IT Process Wiki (the ITIL® Wiki) and YaSM Wiki (the Service Management Wiki).

Prior to starting IT Process Maps in 2006, Stefan worked as manager at a leading consulting firm in the fields of business process management in the IT organization, ITIL, and IT project management. He also held the position of Head of IT Architecture and Strategic Planning for the largest automobile club in Europe. Stefan started his professional career in the sectors of traffic information systems and telematics.

Stefan holds a Master's degree in Technical Cybernetics from Univerity of Stuttgart.


Stefan and Andrea Kempter are the creators of the YaSM Process Map, the YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge, and the ITIL Process Map, on which this Wiki is based.


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