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ITIL V2 Problem Management

ITIL Version: ITIL V2 see also Problem Management - ITIL V3

Process-Objective: The objective of Problem Management is to resolve the root cause of Incidents, and to prevent the recurrence of Incidents related to these errors. It provides Incident Management with Temporary Fixes (Workarounds) and Permanent Solutions to Known Errors. Proactive Problem Management identifies and resolves Problems before Incidents occur, for example by analysing trends in IT Service Usage or by investigating historic Incidents.

Part of: Service Support

Process Owner: Problem Manager



Overview of Problem Management

Identify and Analyse Problem

  • Process objective: Past Incidents and other indications of problems in the IT infrastructure are to be analysed, in order to find the root causes of repeatedly occurring IT Service interruptions.

Identify Problem Solution

  • Process objective: A resolution is to be found for identified Problems and a corresponding RFC, initiating the implementation of the resolution, is to be compiled.

Monitor Problems and Errors

  • Process objective: Outstanding Problems are to be continuously monitored with regards to their processing status, so that where necessary corrective measures may be introduced. Furthermore it is to be verified whether the Problems marked as Closed have actually been eliminated.

Develop Problem Solution

  • Process objective: After the clearance of the Change the actual error-correction is to be developed and subsequently transfered to Release Management for Rollout.

Close Problem

  • Process objective: After a successful problem solution it is to be ensured that the knowledge gained is made available to the other IT Service Management processes, in order to be used for the handling of future Problems or Incidents.

Compile Problem Management Reporting

  • Process objective: It is to be ensured that the other IT Service Management processes as well as IT Management are informed of outstanding Problems, their processing-status and existing Workarounds.

Involved Roles

  • Application Manager
  • ITC Infrastructure Manager
  • Problem Manager: According to ITIL V2 the Problem Manager undertakes research for the root-causes of Incidents and thus ensures the enduring elimination of interruptions. If possible, he makes temporary solutions (Workarounds) available to Incident Management. He develops final solutions for Known Errors. In addition to this he engages in the avoidance of interruptions (Pro-active Problem Management), i.e via a trend-analysis of important services or historical Incidents.

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