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Step 5: Definition of the To-Be Process Structure


Following the analysis of the initial situation, it can be decided in more detail where the ITIL project will put its focus. In practice this means to determine which ITIL processes are to be introduced, resulting in a structured process breakdown.



  • Determination of the Service Management processes which are to be introduced
  • Breakdown of processes into sub-processes



ITIL Process Structure
Figure 1: Selection of Relevant ITIL Processes from the ITIL Reference Process Structure (.pdf)

The ITIL processes to be introduced often result in a direct way from the project objectives:

If the project serves the objective of enhancing user support, the "Incident Management" process is to be established or improved. Because of their close links with Incident Management, the "Problem Management" and "Configuration Management" processes should also be included in the project scope.

The aim of this project step is primarily to choose the ITIL processes and sub-processes. The to-be process structure does not contain detailed process descriptions - these are developed at a later stage.

ITIL process templates (e.g. the ITIL Process Map) can be used to support this step because they contain a generic process structure.



  • Results of the as-is process assessment
  • Project objectives ("What is the motivation for introducing ITIL Best Practice?").


Results/ Deliverables

  • Structured breakdown of the ITIL processes to be introduced


Success Factors

  • The definition of the process structure should not try to anticipate later project steps; the aim of this step is to identify the processes and sub-processes to be introduced, not to specify processes in great detail.



Relevant Views of the ITIL Process Map

ITIL overview diagram
Figure 2: Overview diagram, depicting ITIL process interdependencies

The ITIL Process Map contains a complete ITIL-compliant process structure, arranged in a hierarchical way (see Figure 1: Reference Process Structure (.pdf)). This generic process structure can be used in many cases with only minor changes.

Process overviews (see Figure 2) depict the process interdependencies and help to choose an adequate to-be process structure.


Video: Navigating the ITIL process model

Recommended ways of navigating the contents of the ITIL® Process Map:

The ITIL process model presents ITIL in the form of easy-to-read process diagrams and documents - and you can easily find the information you're looking for simply by following hyperlinks.

Watch the video: "Navigating the ITIL process model" [Duration: 5:41 min.]




Following Project Activity

→ ITIL Implementation - Step 6: Definition of Process Interfaces


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