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Checklist Service Specification Sheet - Template Service Specification Sheet


ITIL Process: ITIL V2 Service Delivery - Service Level Management - ITIL V2

Checklist Category: ITIL Templates - Service Level Management

Source: Checklist "Service Specification Sheet" from the ITIL Process Map V2  | ⯈  ITIL Process Map V3


The Service Specification Sheet builds upon the Service Level Requirements, in that it compares the requirements from the viewpoint of the client with how these requirements are actually fulfilled from a technical point of view. It is assumed that a bundle of internal IT Services is combined in order to deliver an external IT Service for the client. In this context, the IT Organization may opt to supply the internal IT Service with its own resources, or to use an external Service Supplier:

  • Name of the Service
  • Clearance information (with location and date)
    • Service Level Manager
    • Clearance of the Service Specification Sheet by Service Management (confirmation that the requirements are able to be fulfilled and where necessary, specification of the conditions which must be fulfilled before the start of the Service)
      • Capacity Manager
      • Availability Manager
      • IT Service Continuity Manager
      • Financial Manager
  • Service description
    • Short description of Service
    • Users of the IT Service on the client-side
    • Breakdown of the offered Service into Service groups, e.g. along infrastructure components or IT applications
    • For each Service group:
      • Which Services are offered, e.g.
        • Handling of Service interruptions (by telephone, by remote access, on site?)
        • User Services (user administration, installation, …)
      • What quality is required of the offered Services, e.g.
        • Service times
        • Availability requirements
          • Number of interruptions allowed
          • Availability thresholds(xx,xx %)
          • Downtimes for maintenance (number of allowed Downtimes, pre-notification periods)
          • Procedure for announcing interruptions to the Service (Planned/ unplanned)
        • Performance requirements
          • Required capacity (lower/upper limit) for the Service
          • Allowed workload/ usage of the Service
          • Response times from Applications
          • Reaction and resolution times (according to priorities, definition of priorities e.g. for the classification of Incidents)
        • Requirements for the maintenance of the Service in the event of a disaster
  • Composition of the IT Service
    • Relationship to other external IT Services
    • Required internal IT Services
      • Name of the Service
      • Service Provider
      • Reference to Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
      • Required changes, if the OLA is not sufficient for the Service to be established
    • Required externally procured IT Services
      • Name of the Service
      • Name of the supplier
      • Reference to Underpinning Contracts (UCs)
      • Required changes, if the UCs are not sufficient for the Service to be established
  • Measurement procedures
    • Definition of performance indicators
    • Type of measurement procedure
  • Financial details
    • Costs of the Service provision
    • Accounting method
    • Price of the IT Service for the client


By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.