Project Management Checklist - Competencies of the team members

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Project Management Templates: General Principles of Project Management

Template Category: Leadership/ Communication

Download: Checklist "Project Team Member Competencies" (.pdf)

Project Management Checklist: Leadership/ Communication
- Project Team Member Competencies -

Competence Contents Objective
Professional Competence
  • Existence of professional expertise
  • Ability to implement professional expertise as appropriate
  • Willingness to professional commitment
  • Design ...
  • Control ...
  • Analyze ...
  • Assure ...
  • ... the structures and processes within the project
Methodological Competence
  • Knowledge about the best possible approach and procedures
  • Ability and willingness to put the chosen procedure into practice
  • Design ...
  • Control ...
  • Analyze ...
  • Assure ...
  • ... the structures and processes within the project
Social Competence
  • Ability to perceive other people’s thoughts, attitudes and feelings
  • Ability to communicate effectively, i.e. as appropriate for the given situation and the people involved
  • Enjoy and maintain acceptance
  • Willingness to reach an understanding
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Development of a team spirit
  • Personality development
Personal Competence
  • Conscious use of professional and methodological expertise as well as of the social environment
  • Networking of professional, methodological and social competencies
  • Development of decision-making and responsibility taking competencies as well as the ability to develop competencies which are required for the success (of the project)


Project Management Checklist:
Project Team Competencies
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By:  Andrea Kempter , IT Process Maps.