Project Management Checklist - Competencies of the project manager

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Project Management Templates: General Principles of Project Management

Template Category: Leadership/ Communication

Download: Checklist "Tasks and Competencies of a Project Manager" (.pdf)

Project Management Checklist: Leadership/ Communication
- Tasks and Competencies of a Project Manager -

Core Tasks Competency Manifestation
Managing a Project
  • Planning/ organizing
  • Ability to determine appropriate measures for themselves and for others to achieve the project goals
  • Prioritization of these measures
  • Co-ordination of the measures
  • Controlling
  • Ability to control processes and activities in a result-oriented manner
  • Ensures project progress
  • Stress tolerance
  • Ability to work effectively to tight deadlines regardless of possible setbacks
Managing Customers
  • End-customer orientation
  • Experience and keen instinct for the customer’s respective field of activity or sector of industry and the hierarchical levels
  • Ability to “sell“ the project results in the organization
  • Personal “chemistry“
  • Ability to make a good and competent impression right from the first contact
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to focus on the essentials, capacity for abstraction, sound judgment and experience
Managing a Team
  • Leadership qualities/ managing people
  • Ability to motivate a team to work together towards a common goal and to achieve co-operation within the team
  • Provides professional support
  • Ability to delegate
  • Guidance/ managing performance
  • Ensures customer-oriented quality
  • Combines various disciplines to find the best solution
  • Sensitivity
  • Recognizes and appreciates each person’s strengths, interests and problems
  • Fairness when dealing with others
  • Encouragement of a culture of constructive controversy


Project Management Checklist:
Tasks and Competencies of a Project Manager
(free download)


By:  Andrea Kempter , IT Process Maps.