KPIs Capacity Management

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ITIL KPI's Capacity Management

Key Performance Indicators for Capacity Management from the ITIL Process Map.

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KPIs Capacity Management
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
Incidents due to Capacity Shortages
  • Number of incidents occurring because of insufficient service or component capacity
Exactness of Capacity Forecast
  • Deviation of the predicted capacity development from actual course
Capacity Adjustments
  • Number of adjustments to service and component capacities due to changing demand
Unplanned Capacity Adjustments
  • Number of unplanned increases to service or component capacity as result of capacity bottlenecks
Resolution Time of Capacity Shortage
  • Resolution time for identified capacity bottlenecks
Capacity Reserves
  • Percentage of capacity reserves at times of normal and maximum demand
Percentage of Capacity Monitoring
  • Percentage of services and infrastructure components under capacity monitoring