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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Service Transition processes from the ITIL Process Map.

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ITIL KPIs Change Management

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
Number of Major Changes
  • Number of major changes assessed by the CAB (Change Advisory Board)
Number of CAB Meetings
  • Number of CAB (Change Advisory Board) meetings
Time for Change Approval/ Rejection
  • Average time from registering an RFC with Change Management until a decision on the RFC is reached (i.e. until it is either approved or rejected)
Change Acceptance Rate
  • Number of accepted vs. rejected RFCs
Number of Emergency Changes
  • Number of Emergency Changes assessed by the ECAB (Emergency Change Advisory Board)



ITIL KPIs Project Management (Transition Planning and Support)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
Number of Projects
  • Number of major release rollouts under the control of Project Management
Percentage of Projects with Project Charters
  • Percentage of projects which are started with a signed Project Charter in place
Number of Changes to Project Charter
  • Number of changes to the Project Charter after project start
Adherence to Project Budget
  • Actual vs. planned consumption of financial and personnel resources
Project Delays
  • Actual vs. planned project completion dates



ITIL KPIs Release and Deployment Management

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
Number of Releases
  • Number of releases rolled out into the productive environment, grouped into Major and Minor Releases
Duration of Major Deployments
  • Average duration of major deployments from clearance until completion
Number of Release Backouts
  • Number of releases which had to be reversed
Proportion of automatic Release Distribution
  • Proportion of new releases distributed automatically



ITIL KPIs Service Validation and Testing

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
Percentage of failed Release Component Acceptance Tests
  • Percentage of release components which fail to pass acceptance tests
Number of identified Errors
  • Number of identified errors during release testing
  • per release
Time for Error Fixing
  • Time until re-submission of fixed release components
Incidents caused by New Releases
  • Number of Incidents attributable to new releases
Percentage of failed Service Acceptance Tests
  • Percentage of Service Acceptance Tests which fail to obtain the customer’s sign-off



ITIL KPIs Service Asset and Configuration Management

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
Verification Frequency
  • Frequency of physical verifications of CMS contents
Number of Incidents owing to inaccurate CMS Information
  • Number of Incidents reported where the underlying cause of the Incident is the result of inaccurate configuration management information
Effort for CMS Verifications
  • Average work effort for physical verifications of the CMS contents
CMS Coverage
  • Percentage of configuration components for which data is kept in the CMS
Number of unauthorized Changes detected automatically
  • Number of unauthorized changes identified as a result of audits performed using automatic configuration update software
Number of CMS Errors
  • Number of errors found in the CMS as a result of an audit


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