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Step 1: ITIL Project Preparation



Before actually launching a project with the aim of introducing IT Service Management according to ITIL, the following conditions should be in place:


Familiarization with the ITIL Principles

As a preparation for any ITIL or ISO 20000 project, it is essential that the key players from within the IT organization get to know the ITIL principles, the ways they can be applied, and the benefits they offer.

In the long term it will not be sufficient to rely solely upon external consulting knowledge: The acceptance of an ITIL project within the IT organization is dramatically increased by own colleagues being in a position to competently communicate the benefits, and to explain the steps required to implement a functioning IT Service Management.

In addition to this, a good knowledge of ITIL assists the key players to make efficient use of any required consulting services.
The following means lend oneself to get familiar with the ITIL domain:


Video: Introduction - ITIL Process Templates

A first introduction to the ITIL process model, based on the Visio® version of the ITIL Process Map.

Watch the video: "The ITIL Process Map - Introduction" [Duration: 10:58 min.]


Establishing ITIL Process Management

In addition to the alignment of the IT organization with ITIL, the second important project objective is to make sure that the new processes are continually monitored and approved. While this offers numerous benefits in itself it is also a central requirement for obtaining an ISO 20000 certification.

Ideally, there is some sort of existing Process or Quality Management function in the business which can be entrusted with managing the ITIL processes as well. It will be responsible for

  • ensuring that all ITIL processes as a whole work together in a seamless way
  • providing adequate tools for managing processes
  • making sure that the ITIL processes are sufficiently documented
  • helping IT staff to improve their processes

In the absence of any existing facilities, a suitable member of IT staff must be selected for this role – the person in charge of the ITIL implementation project is frequently considered a good choice.



[1] Core Cabinet Office Material 2011 Edition:

[2] The Cabinet Office Best Management Practice Portfolio:

[3] IT Process Maps: ITIL process templates - videos and demos


Following Project Activity

→ ITIL Implementation - Step 2: Definition of the IT Service Structure


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