Checklist Initial Analysis of an Incident

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Checklist Initial Analysis of an Incident - Template Initial Analysis of an Incident


ITIL Process: ITIL Service Operation - Incident Management

Checklist Category: ITIL Templates - Incident Management / Service Desk

Source: Checklist "Initial Analysis of an Incident" from the ITIL Process Map V2


Using the assignment of the Incident to CIs and to Product and Incident categories, the Support Knowledge Base is searched for:

  • Known Solutions
  • Known Workarounds
  • Known Errors

If it becomes apparent during the initial analysis that the attributions originally assigned were not applicable, these are corrected:

  • Relationships to CIs
  • Product category, usually selected from a category-tree according to the following example
    • Client PC
      • Standard configuration 1
      • ...
    • Printer
      • Manufacturer 1
      • ...
    • Incident category, i.e.
      • Hardware error
      • Software error
      • ...


By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.