Checklist IT Service Continuity Plan

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Checklist IT Service Continuity Plan - Template IT Service Continuity Plan


ITIL Process: ITIL Service Design - IT Service Continuity Management

Checklist Category: ITIL Templates - IT Service Continuity Management

Source: Checklist "IT Service Continuity Plan" from the ITIL Process Map V2


The IT Service Continuity Plan contains summarizing information about measures that serve the purpose of disaster preparation, in that they counteract identified risks:

  • Running and planned measures aimed at the preparation for disaster events
    • For all identified non-tolerable risks:
      • Name of the risk
      • Affected business processes
      • Affected business data
      • Affected IT Services
      • Affected infrastructure components
      • Measure for reducing/ eliminating the risk
        • Description
        • Costs and resources
        • Person in charge of the measure
        • Target date
        • Status


By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.