Checklist Availability Report

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Checklist Availability Report - Template Availability Report


ITIL Process: ITIL Service Design - Availability Management

Checklist Category: ITIL Templates - Availability Management

Source: Checklist "Availability Report" from the ITIL Process Map V2  | ⯈  ITIL Process Map V3


The Availability Report is a preliminary document to the Service Level Report:

  • For all IT Services
    • Details of the Availability
      • Agreed Availability
      • Attained/ measured Availability
    • Trend analyses
  • Incidents leading to reduced Service Availability
    • In the past (prolonged Service failures etc.)
      • Type of the incident
      • Causes
      • Counter-measures for the elimination of the failure
      • Measures for the future avoidance of similar failures
    • In the future (e.g. planned prolonged downtimes to IT Services)
  • Running and planned measures for Availability improvement


By:  Stefan Kempter , IT Process Maps.